December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

Warmest wishes for this holiday season. We are humbled when reflecting on 2018. It is difficult to comprehend all the work done through Haitian Ministries this year; we don’t have to fully understand because God knows the inner workings and His accomplishments are wonderful. He has called us to serve and we cling to His truth and His word. When we start to feel totally inadequate Luke and I remind each other. God has it covered, “He will do it” and he wants us to be a participant. Hallelujah. As I write this today my spirit is giddy and I am excited. We thank God for the work he established and accomplished in 2018. We thank God for the beautiful people he brings along to serve with us an those that give in so many other ways, especially with prayer.

As a reminder, the Haitian Ministries mission statement is: Creating Lasting change by Helping Haitians help Haitians for God’s Glory.

To implement our mission statement we focus on 4 cornerstones, here are a few highlights from 2018 that we want to share with you.

1. Education, Discipleship and Evangelism

  • In 2018 we ministered to over 340 pastors. The book of James and teaching on Islam.
  • We held a ladies conference in 3 different communities.
  • A one day youth conference.

We get so much enjoyment from the pastors and positive feedback on how much the appreciate the training and how necessary it is. The ladies conferences are a joy. The topic this time was, We can live victoriously! They not only enjoy the teaching but the fellowship, games and the crafts that are done with them. These gatherings give us time to get to know the ladies personally. They share their burdens and prayer requests. W have been told that anything at all we can do for the women is a blessing. They have so many responsibilities and if we can bring reprieve for one day, and they feel special and know that we love them and more importantly God loves them. It is a blessing to serve these women.

2. Medical

In 2018, Max and Dieudonne visited over 2500 families providing medical care. They are treating many conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, malnutrition, skin infection, respiratory infections, worms, inguinal hernias on young children and older men. During the home to home medical visits they discover so many problems, elderly that are abandoned widows, some grandparents that now are responsible for their grandchildren or other children that are orphaned. During the visits Max and Dieudonne will do an exam, consult, encourage, and listen to their stories. If needed they give medication that’s needed to treat the condition, sometimes refer them to a doctor or transport to Milot hospital. They take time to pray, share the gospel, sometimes they give a small amounts of food or money when they have it. This outreach is the heart beat of our ministry. We are reaching out to families that are discouraged, defeated and have given up on life. Max shares the gospel with witch doctor, and listens to their stories. One witch doctor received Christ. We have witness how just one visit lifts their spirit. By the time Max leaves they are smiling, and waving good bye and asking when can he come back. Dieudonne has a burden for the pregnant women she sees in the community. She has has 45 women this year some as young as 14. She visits with each one monthly. She does medical assessments, measures the abdomen which gives her an idea of the size of the baby, weights, blood pressure and listen to the heart beat, which gives the mom a chance to hear their babies heart beat. Gifts are given when we have them, clean birthing kits, and prenatal vitamins. She gets to teach the moms on their pregnancy. Some have never been to a doctor. Building relationships and taking time to get to know some of these families is very important to us. We don’t always have the resources necessary to meet the needs of the patient or request made but we find when we take time to listen, hold their hands, and pray with them you can see and feel that we have brought hope. It speaks volumes that, Someone cares, Someone has reached out, showed up and returns.

Last year we have 3 teams serve with us. This helps us tremendously, and accomplishes extras we would not be able to do. We enjoy our teams, the spiritual gifts and talents they bring and share with us and our brothers and sisters in Haiti. During our home to home visits the team members led 5 different people to the Lord. We see over 125-150 in patients in a day when we hold our mobile medical clinics.

3. Benevolence

Last year we rebuilt 3 water pumps in the community of Paulette. Our partners raised enough money to purchase pedal bikes for students in Paulette these young people would walk 7 miles one way to school. Over 200 children each week receive peanut butter sandwiches and water during their school year. 1000 Moringa plants have been planted. The moringa leaves have important health benefits that we are able to distribute to the children, and families we serve. We buildt a home for a family of 5. it has been a blessing to this young family. Three patients had successful inguinal operations.

We started another lady in a small business. We are helping Pastor Jovite with an education fund for his school and peanut butter sandwich and drink for his students.

4. Construction

We completed the work on the church building in Bazin. In October we participated in a celebration with Pastor Petit Pierre and the church family praising God for completing the construction of this church.

Please pray for:

January’s pastor’s conference. Dr. Kevin Grant will be teaching on King Saul.

The teams that will be serving with us in March, June, and October.

In March we will concentrate on home to home medical visits, evangelizing and soccer training.

In June we will be holding a basketball camp, including bible teaching. A VBS and home to home evangelizing.

In October we have a small team that will be teaching a group of ladies how to crochet pot holders and dish cloths to sell for small business to help with their children’s schooling and food to eat. We will visit some of the communities and provide medical care.

Prayers for 2019

Please pray Pastor Saintil’s wife, Yanick and his church family. Our dear friend passed away in November. This has been a shock to everyone. Joseph was a dear friend and instrumental in helping with the Pastor training. Dr. Jules Casseus, Pastor Maxis Michel and Pastor Josue Jacques who are part of the pastors committee have a strong desire to see the pastors conferences continue. They will be my new contacts. We will miss Pastor Saintil but are confident the conferences will continue.

Pray for the church that needs a roof to be replaced.

A family that needs help building a small home.

The political unrest.

Safety for Max and Dieudonne traveling on the roads, good health for their children who live in Mexico now.

Please pray for Pastor Jovite and his family.

Marc-endy who is helping us with the micro loans. We love these families.

Luke and I appreciate your prayers as we continue to serve and seek God’s will for the future.

Merry Christmas and may You feel His presence and peace in 2019.

All our love,

Luke and Pam



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