April Update

April Update

Dear Friends,

Greetings! Luke and I want you to know how much we appreciate each one of you. Your support and your prayers have meant so much to us and our dear Haitian friends. Each of you holds a special place in our hearts.
We probably all can agree that what we are experiencing around the globe is a little crazy. Many of us have never witnessed or been a part of something of this magnitude. Over the last few days, the Lord has led me to the book of Exodus and the story of the plagues.

It hits hard when you realize that one person, Pharaoh, who’s heart was hardened, caused the spiraling downward plight of so many people. I can only imagine what Haiti could be like if it was not for the behavior, pride and sin that rivets their country. But then again, we do not have to look to far into our country and see what sin has done in our land. Pray with me,that after this virus has passed, our hearts will be open to who God is and turn to Him.

Our hearts have been heavy for the stories we hear on the news. People dying with no one by their side. These stories immediately bring me back to Haiti. For so many, in Haiti, this is normal and the elderly rarely have anyone by their side. Our home to home visits bring hope to each one of them. We have the chance to meet so many and hear their stories and help when we can. Our Haitian Ministries team has built a rapport within the communities. Due to these strong relationships, they help us help others. They will show us where the sick or abandoned live. The Lord uses each of us at different times to make a difference. Your faithful prayers give us strength and courage and your faithful support allows us to buy medications, food, and supplies for families. We also purchase food for children that are malnourished, have helped with hernia surgeries and paid for proper care for a child with a sever burn on her hand. When each of these events happen it is not without a gathering of people and our team is able to share and teach the gospel with them. With the help of our financial partners Haitian Ministries has built three homes, helped with three church buildings and recently replaced an old roof with a completely new roof at one church. We are helping children attend Christian schools and University. We have many children that receive a peanut butter sandwich and water as their daily bread thanks to our donations. Each of these beautiful blessings are only the surface of what we do because of you.

Your faithful giving supports four families that serve with us. Daily we stay in close contact with John, Marc-endy, Pastor Jovite, Ertha and Dr.Muadelin Mesedieu. Right now, we are trying to respond to some of the immediate needs of these families. The team has gone into several communities and has distributed soap, Clorox, pails, and shared information about the virus. They are now preparing food to distribute. Marc-endy said, “the people will jump and praise God.” For those of you who have served in Haiti with us, can’t you picture this celebration!!

God used Moses and Aaron in a big way. They were right in the middle of all the plagues being obedient to what the Lord had called them to do. Our team is being faithful in sharing and praying that this virus would pass over the people of Haiti. I hope that after this dreaded virus has passed over all our families, we will be able to reflect on God’s unfailing love. As Moses said. “Let it be according to your word, that you may know there is no one like the Lord our God. El – Shaddai.”

Please pray:

  • Right now, they report there are 40 cases and 3 deaths. We all feel this may not be accurate but also trust our God is Mighty and He fights for us. Let us pray the virus passes over Haiti.
  • Families will find food. It is getting more and more difficult to find food. Our friends are concerned that many will suffer from lack of food. The economy is even worse than it was earlier in the year (it takes $1 to get 20 gdes.).
  • We are moving forward with our Pastor’s conference in July. We are pleased that Dr. Terry Smith will be teaching again. This will be a beautiful time for them. They give so much and this is a way we can give back to them.
  • For our ministry team and their families. One of our dear brothers is experiencing some very challenging circumstances.

At the end of all this please remember, you are all special to God and to us and our faithful team serving up close.

For His Glory,
Luke and Pam

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